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Billy Vincent - She

1 - Dead Man's Shoes

2 - And It Fights

3 - The Wayward Fall In Line

4 - Whittled Away

5 - Where Jemima Goes

6 - Feathers

7 - Four, Five, Six

8 - Pirates

9 - Lisson Grove

10 - Beneath The Castle Floor

11 - Bottle Top

12 - The Ballad of Billy Vincent


Music News - “The songs are well thought out, the level of musicianship high, and the imagery employed in the lyrics is witty and thought provoking. Perhaps the highest praise that can be given here is that the album produces a completely unique sound, something that most bands could only dream of doing” 5/5


Fatea - "“I cannot think of a debut album (and I genuinely mean this) that sounds so accomplished, so passionate and with such strong songwriting. There are times, particularly on Feathers, where the vocals are shades of Damien Rice, Antony Hegarty and even Luke Pritchard (of The Kooks). At the same time!... Mumford and Sons? Billy Vincent make them seem like amateurs.”


Q Magazine - "This Debut, recorded at Ray Davies's Konk Studios, follows up on the promise of a brace of EPs (King Island Coyote and Once On The Grand Union) and proves their fine-tuning has paid dividends. London's seedy underbelly hasn't been chronicled this vividly since The Libertines' debut."


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Sweet Sweet Lies

The Hare, The Hound & The Tortoise

The Independent -   - "This is a band for fans of Leonard Cohen, Scott Walker and Nick Cave who wondered where their next great love was coming from. In The Hare, the Hound & the Tortoise, it's already here." 5/5 ”


Uncut - "Anglo-Scottish sextet Sweet Sweet Lies dress nasty themes in sweet acoustic melodies and sharp suits. Twin lead singers/composers/guitarists Dominic Arnall and Michael Hayes take inspiration from folk and pre-rock pop, but their debut album’s heart lies in caustic lyrics that excavate self-lacerating truths about men in love. Early Costello, Neil Hannon and Nick Cave bond over revenge and guilt on the likes of “Overrated Girlfriend” and “Breathless” and for “No One Will Love You (Like I Do)”, Arnall’s alternately charming and sneering tenor leads a stunning ballad that could have entire stadiums weeping in waltz-time." 4/5”



This Is Fake DIY -  "This is an astonishingly good album, and the fact that it's a debut makes its stylistic and thematic consistency, as well as suave swagger, all the more to be recommended. Even if the musical genres covered here don't feature on your usual playlist, they're borrowed from with such panache and modified with hooky pop harmonies, that you won't necessarily clock that you've been listening to a whole load of rockabilly and country – and by the time the realisation sneaks up on you, you're hooked." 9/10”




Billy Vincent

Once on the Grand Union

Artrocker Magazine - "Gypsy-punk folk songs about medieval lighthouses are few and far between. Thank Christ, then, that Billy Vincent has made theirs - frankly - bloody brilliant" 5/5 ”


All Gigs -  Mixing punch drunk optimism and torrid tales of inner turmoil with gilt edged commercial sensibilities could well make 2012 Billy Vincent's year." 4/5”



Battery In Your Leg -  Billy Vincent look set to carve themselves a niche somewhere alongside the other young pretenders To Kill A King and Treetop Flyers." 3.5/5”





Goodluck Jonathan

This Is Our Way Out

Shout 4 Music -  ““the EP serves as a beautiful illustration of contrast in dynamics.” 9/10 ”


Red Hot Velvet -  “a glorious collection of songs that play from the heart to the heart, musical insights into a band that feel and live their craft in close detail. The album is extremely satisfying and leaves the listener with thoughts and feelings that go beyond simply having a good time.” 4/5”



AAA Music -  “The vocal style is very take-it-or-leave-it, trying to blend cool and indifferent with genuinely evocative words and music. But oh what words and music this is! A heady blend of concise song construction, real tightness, emotional impact, and sonic mesmerism, ‘This Is Our Way Out’ is a dark trip to the end of the tunnel, the soundtrack to what is a bleak time that is both accessible and awe-inspiring.””




Common Tongues

Jumping Ships

Red Hot Velvet -  “‘Jumping Ships’ takes breath with stroking acoustic chords leading in and smooth, gently delivered vocals caressing the ear. 4/5”


XYZ Magazine -  Brighton-based folk five-piece release their debut single, “Jumping Ships “ via Something Nothing Records this month. And what a single it is. Charming melodies, accomplished production and a compelling arrangement make it a solid release from this upcoming young band. Having previously expressed some reservations, it must be said that Common Tongues have now proved beyond doubt they’re a capable and talented group. For some people they might sound like yet another indie folk band, but whatever your opinion, they’re certainly good at what they do. 8/10”




Antlered Man

Surrounded By White Men

All Gigs -  “a low-down dirty dog of a track, equipped with a bassline that's lower and grubbier than a badger's nut-sack and some vocals that don't sound too dissimilar to something that Soundgarden's Cornell might dream up. As the mucky animal opens up, I hear elements of math-metal a la Alice In Chains 4/5”


Alternative Vision -  is one hell of a random experimental industrial sounding rock track, the aggressive riffs will please the majority of rock fans, whilst the delicate orchestral sounds adds more to the randomness and the Jonathon Davies style spooky vocals are just spot on. 4/5”



Room Thirteen -  spits bile and has a heavy rush of off kilter riffage and raw, distorted guitar noise; aggressive and quirky from start to finish with dark throbbing bass, a very rich, almost claustrophobic sound and topped by a varied and solid lead vocal, this is an addictive track that you'll find yourself replaying 10/13”




Billy Vincent

King Island Coyote EP

Shout 4 Music -  “With a strong EP, it’s obvious that 2011 could be a good year for Billy Vincent... If ‘King Island Coyote’ is anything to go by, their full-length will surely be impressive. 8/10”


Get Ready To Rock -  what you get is acoustic based storytelling, some great sing along numbers and infectious rhythms. The new Celtic soul brothers? Just possibly 3/5”


Indie London -  “They Break Bones, which opens in deceptively low-key fashion before opening out into a more rock-folk affair that’s much more invigorating. It even carries a bit of a Mumford & Sons vibe, which is no bad thing… especially once you hit the minute mark and the rousing guitar work kicks in. It’s the EP’s pick” 3/5”




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Goodluck Jonathan

This Is Our Way Out EP1

Music News -  “With amazing technical ability and catchy tunes that beg to be played many times, This is Our Way Out is a must have EP for this year.”


Music Riot -  “A good sampler which grabs your interest and leaves you wanting more; job done. 4/5”


AAA Music - “Excellent.”




Goodluck Jonathan

This Is Our Way Out EP2

Room Thirteen -  “The blending of alternative rock and indie works well for Goodluck Jonathan and they seem to have the balance between the two genres in their favour. 10/13”


Tasty  -  “the opening track contorts and twists in a most pleasing way for miscreants like myself and I am left in hearty admiration of Goodluck Jonathan’s mathy take on alt-rock. 8/10”


Alter the Press -  “Goodluck Jonathan manage to fill the void that bands like At the Drive in left open, Goodluck Johnathan differentiate themselves from current bands piled into the same genre by incorporating pop sensibilites and manage to create huge atmosphere between 5 people. Can't wait for the third EP lads. 5/5”



Goodluck Jonathan

This Is Our Way Out EP3

Tasty Fanzine -  “EP3’ packs in fuzz, garage, glitch, breakbeat and math rock all without sounding the slightest bit contrived. And that’s some skill indeed to mould all of those influences and styles into one coherent sound. Hell, they even sound like James Yorkston at one point in the title track. Hats off to Goodluck Jonathan. 8/10”


Alter The Press -  “With this EP, they easily managed to differentiate the sound they only released a couple of months ago and shrug off those comparisons...I can easily say that 'This Is Our Way Out' is perhaps the best send off for an EP I've ever heard. 5/5


All Gigs -  “Hey this sure may be derivative, man, but it's still pretty damn good too 3.5/5”




Gazelle Twin

Changelings EP

All Gigs -  All in all, an intriguing mixture of atmospheric and languid soundscapes


Metro -  “Completely mesmerising, ominous and beautiful. Gazelle Twin does bring to mind the dreamy vocal allure of Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins), the strange beauty of Fever Ray and the edgy seduction of Siouxsie Sioux. But the exciting thing is that there is no one exactly like her." 


The Quietus -  "a dream-like tableau evoking Bjork, The Dirty Projectors and Vienna’s Soap & Skin as well as (Fever Ray’s) sly gift for otherness. At times it plays like a surrealist nightmare, with teeth in all the wrong places. At times it’s softer than that."